"I came for help with a more than 40 year history of smoking.  Now, I am non-smoking. I befitted by letting go.  I'ts been 5 days and I am non-smoking.  I've saved that money. "


"At an all time low time in my life I turned to Ida Gregoire at the Ghaly Wellness Center.  Ida is professional with a very soft side that makes it comfortable to be with her...she is considerate, kind and a good listener. I felt as though I was with family while I was with her.  My journey (at present) is still not perfect, but is now manageable.  Within 2 sessions I "got myself back" thanks to Ida.  I am Blessed."

M.C. 2015


D.R. 2015

"I came for help with stress using hypnosis. I had this problem for a few years. Now I feel on top of the world. That was the most relaxed I think I have ever felt. My body was heavy but my heart, mind, and spirit were free!

"I came for help with stress reduction I had this problem for 1-2 years.  It completely went away for a year.  I benefited from learning breathing techniques and relaxation tips."

S.B. 2014

J.K. 2015

"My sessions with Ida helped me understand many of the ways that behavior affects my weight.  Through working with Ida I have slowly lost 27 lbs and more importantly gained a clearer picture of what i need to do to control portions and snacking.  I feel healthier and motivated to continue my progress."  

G.S. 2014

K.S. 2017

"I initially came for help with over eating  After 2 sessions of hypnosis I realized that I was achieving a deep sense of relief from stress during and immediately after the sessions.  I held a particularly stressful job and  was not aware of how much anxiety  I was experiencing.  The peacefulness that I experienced after a session was subtle, but allowed me to look at my stress in a way that I had not been able to. Through the hypnosis sessions I learned a way to connect to my inner voice. "

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