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Ida Gregoire, RSM / CHT 

Hypnosis & Relationship Coaching Blog

  • Founder of Hypnosis Focus Now A Center For Life solutions, Ida a has expanded her Certified Consulting Hypnotic services to include  Relationship Coaching.  
  • Hundreds of adults within the Syracuse and surrounding areas are already calmer, focused, and in control of their lives.  Their perceptions  and  life situations have reportedly improved greatly. Many  have said that they wished they had met Ida sooner because they find her dependable, ultra practical, and does whatever it takes to help her clients to succeed .
  • Why not join in with others and experience a renewed sense of purpose, self trust, and focus where you to can perhaps quit smoking after very few sessions.  One male lost 57 lbs. after just 2 visits, others have established and or renewed meaningful relationships.
  •   Her services are vocational and avocational only helping you make the change you want toward inner peace.
  • Ida is a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute located in Tanzania, California.  She also is a Certified Life Coach from the American University of N.L.P, and is member of a Religious Community. She has successfully been supporting adults throughout the health care arena for nearly 50 years.  This makes Ida the person to help you now.  
  • School aged children, and professional men have also benefited from Ida's services. Ida helps corporate executive women bridge the gap between the life you have and the life you dream of, while weaving spirituality into everyday healthy living using Hypnosis and Life Coaching.  
  • Many professional women in the Syracuse area are already enjoying their successful transition, gained insight, and the help they needed for theirnew sense of freedom, serenity and happiness.