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Hypnosis is a natural conversation with your subconscious mind.  It is a state of heightened awareness...

A Spiritual Life Coach can help you to look into your personal, interpersonal, professional and spiritual aspects of your life and see...

  • Maintaining desired weight
  • Have & Maintain Long Nails
  • Smoke Free
  • Sleep and Wake Feeling Rested
  • Being Able To Perform At Work
  • Healthy Relationships 
  • Feelings Of Purpose & Happiness

Ida Gregoire


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What Is Hypnosis

RSM, RN, Consulting Hypnotist, Spiritual Life Coach

What Is Spiritual Life Coaching


"Hypnosis helped me overcome my own test taking anxiety in 1981 and I just kept going on to achieve two Masters Degrees." -Ida Gregoire RSM

  • Increased Test Scores
  • Enjoying Airline Flights
  • Connect With Spiritual Self
  • Calmer & Peaceful Lifestlye
  • In Control Of Your Life
  • ​Healthy Decisions
  • Stand Up To Your Fears